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Welcome to Weapons Training Co!

We proudly offer firearm education and training to the public. We offer courses which meet Colorado State requirements for Concealed Carry permits. Our students learn firearm safety and competence, proper handling, and when and where you can carry your firearm.

Our classes feature both live instruction and compelling video to give you a thorough and entertaining classroom experience. We've had many satisfied students and we are committed to total course excellence.

Check out our new Four Hour Concealed Carry Course, and also our Private/VIP Concealed Carry Classes under Other Courses, for cost.

Our courses meet Colorado State requirements for a concealed carry permit. Weapons Training Co is your lowest cost source for concealed weapons training. Make sure you take advantage of these great offers!


Why We Own Guns
Nearly 70 million Americans own firearms and enjoy their safe and positive uses. Guns provide us with the means to participate in a variety of recreational, competitive and educational pursuits. Nearly 18 million people in this country hunt. Millions more enjoy competition and recreational shooting, gun collecting, and historical reenactment. Guns are tools for personal protection, and they are the elements upon which popular collegiate and Olympic sports are centered. Guns offer American society a vast opportunity for shared experiences - as long as we share the responsibility to learn and diligently apply safe gun handling practices.


A Few Comments From Our Students:

"Thank you for a great class Saturday. I was very impressed with the information and attitude in which the class was presented. I only wish everyone who criticizes concealed carry permits could attend one of your classes to see how serious it is and the increased level of responsibility we have to carry a concealed weapon."

This is Amy from today's basic pistol class...... thanks for being a great instructor. John may have his quirks but he was totally right about you being good. :) You have a great speaking voice and an upbeat personality that keeps things interesting which made time go quickly. Had I known that sitting in a gun class would be that enjoyable I would have done this years ago! The only thing I would change is finding some millionaire to open a new gun range that has a private/secluded lane for new shooters so they can practice technique and focus without the regular shooters being a major noise distraction and their shells bouncing all over the floor like popcorn, a bit distracting. :)

"My wife and I would like tell you how much we appreciate the concealed carry course we took Saturday.  Given the fact that my wife is a beginner and I've been handling firearms most of my life there was great information for both of us.  I've realized how many bad habits I've picked up over the years and am anxious to correct them.  My wife acquired a wealth of information too.  I will definitely recommend your course to anyone interested.  Thank you again for a very enjoyable and informative day."

"Thank you both for the excellent experience of your basic pistol course. I took it because it  was required, despite my firearms, military, and LE background and experience, for a CCW permit.  My wife took it at my suggestion as a "let's do it together" neophyte  I was impressed with your class for multiple reasons.  First....I learned some things, as I find I always do no matter how much I think I know the subject.  Second....my wife was rather transformed.  She absorbed more practical and useful handgun knowledge in that one day course than she has in 20+ years of hanging around with me.  You guys do a really good job of getting the needed and required material across."

"Had a great time.  The instructors were great.  Would recommend this course to family and friends."

"I just completed the NRA Basic Pistol this Saturday and wanted you to know I was very impressed. You have two great instructors in Dan and Rene. Both of these guys were extremely helpful and both have super personalities that make learning fun. I heard people talking who expressed the same thoughts."

"Great instructors, great use of training aids and demonstrations. Love the literature packet."

"This class had something to offer in every topic covered.  I found the whole class beneficial."

"I want to thank you for an excellent and professionally presented class. The class is a bargain at any price. I without reservations would recommend your class to anyone."

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